Our excellence starts at home with a culture of rewarding those who seek honest credit for their performance and work ethic. Dedication to valuing those who value their work is ANSA Compliance’s signature.


Our team


Armando Coronado

President and CEO of ANSA Compliance

Grateful and humbled by my personal and professional experiences, I utilized the ins and outs of my years as an academic, scientist, a project manager, and a leader within the industry to create a company that bridges the gap between professional validation solutions and impactful client relationships. My education at the University of Florida laid the foundation. There, I earned my degree, studying microbiology and cell science. This was the backdrop for an invaluable Chemistry undergraduate internship that pushed me head-first into the lab.

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It was also at this time that I encountered and worked for my very first mentor, Kenneth Wagner. Mr. Wagner introduced me to the first laboratory I worked in. What shortly followed the completion of my undergrad degree was 15 years of purposeful and formidable work within the plasma, pharmaceutical, and laboratory quality control arenas. At each endeavor, I seized the opportunities to hone and improve my analytical skills, absorb impactful information from mentors, and learn how to operate from a user’s standpoint to better improve my quality of work. It was my time in the validation sector of my career that opened my eyes to the possibility of more. I sought independence and pursued a path that allowed me to reach more clients with ANSA.

My goal is to carve out a space where like-minded professionals who share the same positive, go-getter attitude with the high-quality work to back it up, can seek career fulfillment that enriches the workplace environment and our clients’ experience. With ANSA Compliance, I take pride in my team, my work history, and the satisfaction of our clients.

Speaking as the President and Owner, ANSA Compliance was built on heart. With a passion for problem-solving, collaboration, technology, and industry innovation, these are our core beliefs and have been homegrown by the support and love of my family. ANSA’s name was inspired by the dynamic, exuberant, and tenacious nature of my two daughters, and since its formation, ANSA Compliance has embodied those qualities in our practices and employees.

Jyothi Muralidhar

Master of Science, Microbiology
Validation Manager at ANSA Compliance

A key player in ANSA’s growth and success, Jyothi Muralidhar is a highly skilled and valued team member who has been with ANSA since its crucial formation. Her keen eye and well-honed instincts allow her to tackle problems, communicate effectively, and discern client business needs regarding new software implementation.

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Her considerable 15+ years of work in the Pharma and Biotech industries, along with her experience with Enterprise and Manufacturing equipment, COTS 4 and COTS 5 Lab instruments, SCADA-based manufacturing systems, QMS, Fill Finish Lines, and FactoryTalk Reactor Control systems, make her a phenomenal asset to ANSA Compliance. Jyothi’s impressive track record of project management with million-dollar budgets associated with the implementation and expansion of QC Laboratories offers an elevated level of professionalism and management style that strengthens the ANSA team. Her capable scope of responsibilities also includes successfully qualified labs and manufacturing lines, as well as computer systems and equipment validations.

Nick Beckman

Master of Science, Chemistry
Validation Manager at ANSA Compliance

Nick Beckman utilizes his 10+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and his 7 years of formal laboratory work as an analytical chemist to innovate end-user-friendly solutions for any given system.

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His ability to approach problem-solving in validation systems by garnering practical, applicable knowledge from stakeholders and tailoring solutions to best fit the personnel behind these systems has been an active contributor to ANSA’s continued growth and success from day 1. He has also been instrumental in training employees on the subjects of compliance, safety, project efficiency, and technical details to ensure the team we employ is well-informed and prepared to tackle any issue.

Throughout his professional career, Nick has developed and validated numerous analytical test methods, validated a broad array of laboratory equipment and software, and played critical roles in implementing complex instrumentations and systems.

Ulyses Mayuga

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry
Validation Manager at ANSA Compliance

Ulyses Mayuga excels with 10+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. His well-rounded capabilities stem from his work history as a bench chemist and lab supervisor within the CSV world. Notable achievements as a chemist include the development of a single cleaning method for 5+ beta-lactams. Ulyses’ versatile proficiencies and work history allow him to perform with laboratory systems and software comfortably and approach client projects with a calm, goal-oriented mindset.

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His leadership, ambition, and initiative prove him to be a respected and appreciated member of ANSA Compliance by work colleagues and clients. In the field as a bench chemist, Ulyses has executed a wide array of analytical techniques, which has been critical in his approach from informing users, guiding system owners, and helping quality personnel understand these systems during the validation process.

Cooper James

Bachelor of Science, Biology & Chemistry
Validation Lead at ANSA Compliance

A validation consultant of the highest caliber, Cooper James has achieved the gold standard of client communication and satisfaction. Initially performing mapping activities, CTU validation, and temperature offset investigations, Cooper specializes in Computer System Validation for Quality Control Laboratory instrumentation. With his 5+ years of working in the pharma industry, Cooper consistently exceeds client expectations by producing right-first-time deliverables and methodically managing project timelines.

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Before joining ANSA Compliance, his previous work includes stability and release testing for several commercial and pre-commercial oncology products for Metrics Contract Services as an Analytical Chemist. This background of delegating and mentoring junior analysts while in a hands-on laboratory has strengthened his abilities in multi-tasking, data processing, technical review, and client portfolio management.

Cooper’s incomparable capability to maintain not just the technical skills needed to ensure GxP standards are met but also the aptness with how to communicate this process and progression to clients with transparency and comprehension is what we at ANSA Compliance value the most.


Landis Falkner

Principal Consultant at ANSA Compliance

A quality and compliance industry professional with 11 years of experience, Landis Falkner is an exemplary lead consultant who helps progress ANSA’s superlative standards. Throughout her esteemed career, Landis has traveled across Europe and North America, performing validation work and expanding her knowledge in equipment and Computer System Validation (CSV). Landis is vigilant in helping expand the greater business and scope of work at ANSA Compliance.

Meaghan Layne

Business Administration Manager at ANSA Compliance

A passionate and dedicated professional, Meaghan Layne is a vital member of the ANSA team that continuously upholds the high standards of quality, efficiency, and work ethic of her professional environment. She is an integral part of the ANSA team, efficiently providing resources and guidance to our team members while remaining versatile in her role. Her exceptional task-driven, disciplined, and organized work style bolsters her ability to enrich her professional relationships and promote informed communication with clients.

Sirija Ananth

Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering
Validation Lead at ANSA Compliance

With accuracy and an astute analytical approach, Sirija Ananth is one of ANSA’s top Validation Leads. Her expertise and qualifications as a mechanical engineer has contributed profoundly to the development of her solution-driven mindset and thorough detail-oriented workstyle. Notable accompaniments include successfully qualifying over 25 quality control and manufacturing equipment units in the past 3 years, maintaining accurate documentation throughout the various validation processes, and breaking down high-level technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders that convey understanding and transparency.

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Sirija’s greatest strength is her ability to precisely identify and quickly address technical issues within the validation process. Her well-rounded knowledge in testing methodologies, tools, regulatory requirements within industry standards, and data acquisition makes her an essential and valued member of the ANSA team.

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