Terms of service

Do You Need A Terms Of Service Template?

When running a website that is offering either products or services, a Terms of Service page is simply a must. Not only does it outline exactly what customers can expect from you, it also makes sure that any potential backlash is mitigated as long as you keep to your end of the bargain. Now, you can go about having a Terms of Service page in two ways. You can either make it yourself or use a template. Most people choose the template.

The Legal Stuff

The Terms of Service of any particular company or website serves to do two things in general. One is to provide customers with context as to the types of liabilities, goods, amenities and so on that they can reasonably expect from you. The other is to make sure that any lawsuit would have fewer legal bases as long as you stick to your own terms.

Although it is a rare customer who would actually spend time to look into the details, there are those who want to make sure that they understand what they are getting themselves into. These types of customers can also be notorious for going the extra mile in holding companies or websites accountable even if they have to use legal means to do so.

Any Benefits for Having a Terms of Service?

Aside from covering your behind in case a customer gets it into their heads to sue, one of the benefits of using Terms of Service templates is that you don’t have to be a legal expert to draft one up anymore. You can just copy and paste, although you do have to make sure that the template in question has the right wordings to suit your website.

Not only will this help you avoid those pesky legal hooks that you might need to contend with if you write the terms yourself, it will also save you a lot of time. In the case of legal experts, you also save money.

From Scratch Or Template?

You really have to look into the benefits of having a Terms of Service write-up that you made yourself and the advantages you get with a template objectively. Obviously, the latter comes with the convenience factor and it saves money. However, writing the terms from scratch does offer quite a bit of useful additions.

For one thing, you can customize it with the specific needs of your website, if there is any, so that you are truly covered in terms of legality. It also saves you from potential embarrassment that mistakes from copy/paste templates might bring.

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